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12 Coloured- Flame Party Candles

12 Coloured- Flame Party Candles

Ref: SP7201

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A children's birthday party equals colour, candles and fun. So why not combine all three with our Coloured Flame Party Candles?

With these cheerful and unique birthday party candles, gone are the days of a bunch of people (who cant sing) murmuring Happy Birthday around the boring yellow glow of a cake.

Well, people will still sing badly but thanks to our Colour Flame Birthday Candles, birthday cakes will be a magical medley of colour that's sure to bring fun and wonder to every party.

They are great for children's parties, Specifications. The Rainbow Moments Range also includes Jumbo Coloured Flame Party Candles. They are bigger candles so less are needed. Perfect for those birthdays where a candle for every year is just a little too much!

Contents:12 Birthday Candles. Dimensions 6.0 H: 19. 0.

These unique and special little additions to your child's birthday cake are just one of the many types of unique, colourful and Coloured Flame Candles available.

Others include:

Jumbo Colour Flame Birthday/Party Candles: Bigger candles so less are needed - great for older birthdays.

Coloured Flame Tea Lights: Set the mood in style and bring some colour to your tableware.

Icicle Candles: Enchant your dinner guests with this unique and sophisticated tableware Colour Flame

Tapered Dinner Candles: Delight your guests and serve up a treat.

Festive Drip Candles: Bring some festive flicker to your Christmas dinner

Rainbow Drip Candles that put fun, funk and colour into your tableware. and many of these are perfectly festive at Christmas too!

Colours include

Blue to make the boys beam,

Green to make the girls grin,

Red to rouse the party spirit,

White to make the birthday wish,

Purple to pep the party mood and Orange that's out of this world!

By buying the Rainbow Moments brand you know you are getting the genuine article.

Each Colour Flame Party Candle is NON-toxic, of the highest quality and has a. Burning Time of 8 minutes.