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Adirondack Chair Place Card Holders

Adirondack Chair Place Card Holders

Ref: 5327

Price: (5 or fewer items) 2.39 / 2.72
Price: (6 or more items) 1.48 / 1.69


Finding the right beach wedding favours is a breeze with these adorable Adirondack chair place card holders.

Searching for beach wedding favours that really capture the leisurely seaside atmosphere?

Well, what could say casual and comfortable better than these white resin Adirondack chair place card holders that cheerfully invite your guests to take a seat and relax?

These tiny chairs make lovely and unusual beach wedding favours that your guests can use at home to hold a photo, note, etc.

These chair place card holders come in an individual poly-bag. They measure approximately 1.75", they are also fitting for any beach themed occasion.