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Clear Plastic Champagne Bottle Box From The Perfectly Plain

Clear Plastic  Champagne Bottle  Box From The Perfectly Plain

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Celebrate life's joys with these sure-to-be-noticed champagne bottle favours from the Perfectly Plain Collection

Is there any one image that captures the idea of a celebration more perfectly than a champagne bottle? Its sleek shape, foil wrapped cork and bubbly insides have made it an icon of good times, good friends and great memories. So,Favours and Giftstook the iconic bottle and amped up its favour flair with this Perfectly Plain Collection instant classic. And this one's also perfectly ready for you to fill with the amazing treats or treasures of your choice.

  • Each measures 4 inches tall x 1 1/2 inches wide
  • Clear plastic champagne bottle-shaped container
  • Bottle's top is shiny silver plated to resemble champagne's foil-wrapped cork
  • A removable bottom panel allows easy access to fill/remove treats
  • Sturdy construction with premium quality plastic
  • A clear front runner as a favour fit for candy or any number of other treats
  • Items come bulk packed