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Daddy Gene Cup

Daddy Gene Cup

Ref: LR24CU430

Price: 24.09 / 27.46


This plastic travel mug measures 6.5" tall and 3.25" wide.

Underneath the clear plastic body is a cotton jeans wraparound.

Artwork includes a vertical DNA strand with vines on top and a series of phrases.

The largest says "it takes more to be a daddy than genes."

On the opposite side is the following definition: "gene [jeen] the basic unit of heredity, the process by which an offspring acquires or becomes predisposed to the characteristics of its parent." Along the DNA strand runs a series of vertical words, including "integrity, dedication, honesty and commitment.

This mug holds 16 ounces of liquid and has a black top.

You can drink by screwing off the top cap.

There is also a sliding piece at the top of the cap that reveals a 0.75" x 0.25" slit for drinking as well.

Also available in Military, Outdoor and Deployment versions.