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Delightful Celestial home design lantern with led light

Delightful Celestial home design lantern with led light

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These cute little houses will create a romantic ambiance at your next special event, with the celestial feel of the night time sky and warm glowing candles. Place them on your tables and hang as decorations to create an enchanting mood.

This gorgeous little house is made from metal and coated in a white finish.

The roof top comes off and clips onto the sides of the house.

The roof of the house has star cut-outs allowing the light from the LED lights to shine through the stars, creating a celestial look

The lantern can also be hung up, using the metal hook that is attached to the top of the roof.

The included LED has an on and off switch.

This delightful little celestial house favour will bring a warm, romantic ambiance to your event venue and will make a lovely gift for guests to take home and use to uplift their living space.

Size 3.14inches x 3inches x 3inches