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Murano Art Deco Collection Swirl Design Wine Stopper

Murano Art Deco Collection Swirl Design Wine Stopper

Ref: DC3002

Price: (5 or fewer items) 5.20 / 5.93
Price: (6 or more items) 3.22 / 3.67


These handcrafted Murano like glass bottle stoppers are stunning and will wow your guests with it's elegance and style.

This stylish swirl design handmade Venetian like glass wine stopper is made of elegant gold, bronze, and copper coloured glass and is attached to a Solid chrome metal base.

This favour is sure to impress your guest with it's sophistication and elegant design. Each of these unique art deco bottle stoppers are handmade and because of that no two are exactly alike.

They come packaged in high quality two piece white gift box and set in a soft satin lining, and stamped with our authentic "Murano art deco" collection logo. Each stopper measure approximately 5" in length.