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Our Wedding Fund Tin

Our Wedding Fund Tin

Ref: BB6065

Price: 2.98 / 3.40


Instant Fines "Pay-Up" money tins with padlock'. Have fun and save money with these novelty Fine and Fund Tins!

22 great looking Tins that will punnish you for your sins and bad behaviour - OR allow you to save for a rainy day!

Put money asside for that holiday or new pair of shoes OR fine those around you for all the things that get on YOUR nerves!

All Fine and Fund Tins are supplied with a small padlock and two keys - Just be careful who you give the other key to

This Metal Tin comes complete with Padlock and two Keys

A great affordable and unique gift!

Contents: 1 x Fine or Fund Tin with Padlock and Key

Dimensions:Height 10.7cm, Width 7.7cm