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Paper Black Graduation Decorating Kit

Paper Black Graduation Decorating Kit

Ref: FE13639175

Price: 27.10 / 30.89


This Black Graduation Decorating Kit is perfect for any graduation party

These festive black decorations will pair perfectly with any school spirit colour combination and is sure to jazz up your star student's graduation ceremony.


two 18 inches foil fountains with

4 3/4 inches diam. plastic stands,

one 9-ft. x 4 1/2 inches tissue grad cap garland,

two 8 inches tissue balls

four cardboard cutouts:

one 7 3/4 inches x 13 inches balloon,

one 1-ft. x 6 5/8 inches grad cap and one 16 1/4 inches x 5 inches

one 1-ft. x 10 inches Congrats Paper