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Perfectly Plain collection aluminum wallet

Perfectly Plain collection aluminum wallet

Ref: 6794

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These trendy wallets will thrill your guests They block RFID readers and offer protection from identity theft, a must-have in today's electronic world

Our wallets are the ideal way to store credit cards and identity documents. They are made of an extra tough and strong silver aluminium. They are slim and lightweight and will fit easily into a pocket or purse. The aluminium blocks RFID readers to protect your identity.

Inside are seven slots that fold out accordion style. The outside features a ridged surface for an easy grip and the wallet closes with a snap shut action.

Delight your guests with a trendy and functional favour that they are certain to make use of.

  • Size is 4 1/2 inches x 2 3/4 inches
  • Perfectly Plain Collection aluminum wallet
  • The perfect way to store credit cards and identity documents and be protected from RFID readers
  • Made from silver aluminium which is tough and strong
  • Design is slim and lightweight
  • Outside has ridged surface for easy grip
  • Inside has seven slots that fan out accordion style
  • Closes with a snap shut action
  • Packaged in clear plastic display box with metallic silver ribbon wrap and bow
  • Attached to the ribbon is a silver ""For You"" tag
  • A must-have wallet that blocks RFID readers and protects against identity theft