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Perfectly plain collection car charger USB port

Perfectly plain collection car charger USB port

Ref: 6789

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In today's electronic world, your family home is probably filled with dozens of devices that need charging and you are always short of ports

This neat and trendy USB device is part of our fabulous Practical Technology Favour Collection. The port is manufactured from a strong and durable white plastic and sports stylish metal fittings.

Plug it into your car charger port and you have an extra port ready to charge up any device that uses a standard USB connection.

This gadget is the ideal option for keeping devices charged on long trips and also offers a handy extra USB charger for the whole family.

  • Size is 2 3/4 inches x1 1/8 inches
  • Perfectly Plain Practical Technology Favour Collection USB charger
  • Manufactured from white plastic with silver metal fittings
  • Plugs into car charger ports
  • Provides much needed additional USB ports for charging devices
  • Bulk packed in a poly bag
  • A useful and extremely practical favour for any modern family