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Pewter Chair Figurine Placecard Holders

Pewter Chair Figurine Placecard Holders

Ref: 2784

Price: (5 or fewer items) 4.50 / 5.13
Price: (6 or more items) 2.78 / 3.17


Stylishly invite your guests to take a seat with these whimsical Pewter Chair Figurine Placecard Holders - wonderful as wedding reception favours or bridal shower favours.

Here's your chance to provide a warm welcome to your guests while bringing order to your reception seating.

A great choice for anyone searching for useful and different wedding reception favours / bridal shower favours, these detailed pewter chair figurine placecard holders come in four assorted antique chair designs.

Whether you choose to use them as wedding reception favours, bridal shower favours or for any other special celebration, your guests will be happy to take home these mementos of your special day. In addition to their placecard holding duties, the versatile chairs can be used to display a photo, hold a note, etc.

These exceptional placecard holders are approximately 2" tall and are individually poly-bagged.