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Set of 4 Murano Glass Owl Bottle Stoppers

Set of 4 Murano Glass Owl Bottle Stoppers

Ref: 82206

Price: 26.83 / 30.59


Enchant your owl collecting friends and family with these stylish hand painted bottle stoppers

Everyone will want to start an owl collection when they see these delightful little gifts. Owl-themed products are all the rage and you can join the craze by adding these beautifully crafted bottle stoppers to your shelves.

Made from world renowned Murano glass, each owl is individually hand painted in an array of stunning colours. Featuring large white eyes, the owls sit on top of a sturdy metal bottle stopper. These owlish gifts are ideal for all occasions, offering an artistically exquisite item which is also useful.

  • Size is 4 1/2 inches
  • Art glass top in owl shape made from Murano glass
  • Chrome metal base with black rubber gasket for perfect seal
  • Exquisite detailed owl is hand painted in assorted colours
  • Individually packaged in gift boxes with clear acetate top
  • Set of 4 Bottle stoppers assorted designs
  • Makes perfectly wise gifts for favours, birthdays and other occasions