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Unity Sand Frame

Unity Sand Frame

Ref: LRUS105

Price: 62.85 / 71.65


This unity sand picture frame is designed to be used in place of a unity sand vase during the wedding ceremony, with bride and groom both filling it with sand.

The frame is resin and measures 11" wide, 9" tall and 1.625" deep.

The lid slides so you can fill it with sand and replace the photo.

Filling the frame like in the first two photos (a little under halfway) takes 24 ounces of sand.

The outer frame portion is painted brown.

The inside back is engraved with various terms of endearment and a leafy design on the sides.

The glass is painted with the words "Together Forever," leafy designs at the bottom corners and a border in the middle.

This frame is designed to fit one 4" x 6" photo.