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Vintage owl themed place card and photo frame

Vintage owl themed place card and photo frame

Ref: 8378

Price: (5 or fewer items) 2.72 / 3.10
Price: (6 or more items) 1.68 / 1.92


Everyone has a special photo just waiting for a perfect frame and our vintage owl will add a fun and different look as it sits guarding your picture

Wisdom and worldliness will be a stunning way to frame a sentimental photograph. Let the owl watch over you and your loved ones with his large eyes and calm nature.

Our frame features a stunning lattice design with a vintage owl in the top corner. He is meticulously hand painted in stunning vintage shades of tan, cream and orange. The owl is perched on a green leafy branch and leaves fall down the side of the frame to add a perfect balance to the design.

Enchant your guests when you give them these magnificent frames as favours at your next occasion. Use them as place card holders on your tables and then let them be taken home to be placed in a focal position with a great family photo.

  • Size of frame is 1/2 inches x 3 1/8 inches
  • Holds a photograph of 2 inches x 3 inches
  • Vintage owl picture frame
  • Poly resin owl is hand painted in tan, cream and orange
  • Frame has lattice design and owl in the top corner with falling leaf accents down the side
  • The frame comes in a white box and a blank place card is included
  • Be wise and give a great favour from the collection with these beautiful hand painted vintage owl frames