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Wise Graduation Owl Key Ring

Wise Graduation Owl Key Ring

Ref: 8948

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Celebrate all your years of hard study with your guests and loved ones and give each one a fabulous wise old graduation owl for them to remember your occasion by

Now that the hard work is done, it is time to celebrate and what better way than to invite some wise old owls to share the occasion Your guests will be charmed to find these magnificent little owls at their tables.

The owls are crafted from poly resin and are individually hand painted in stunning detail in tones of orange, brown and ivory. The owl holds a book in one hand, a feather quill pen in the other and wears a black mortar board graduation hat. He has spectacles perched on his nose adding to the fun but serious look.

Watch your guests replace their old battered key chains with these stunning little owls as they leave your venue They are sure to keep them close at hand for years to come.

  • Owl size is 1 1/2 inches x 1 1/4 inches
  • Wise graduation owl key chain and ring
  • Made from poly resin and hand painted
  • Stunning colours in brown, orange and ivory
  • Holds a book and a feather quill pen
  • Wears spectacles and a black mortar board graduation hat
  • All metal silver chain and key ring
  • Beautifully packed in clear gift box with bookshelf design background and black stage
  • 'Congrats' message on the base of the box
  • A fun and meaningful favour for all types of graduation events